What foreshadowing is shown in the LAST chapters of The Scarlet Letter? Mainly on characters: Pearl, Mistress Hibbins, And Dimmesdale

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The last chapters of the novel foreshadow how the novel will end. In Chapter 20, Dimmesdale is confronted by Mistress Hibbins, then Chillingworth. Mistress Hibbins lets him know his decision to run away from his sin will cost him his soul. “But at midnight, and in the forest, we shall have other talk together. “ Later, when he is talking to Chillingworth, Dimmesdale says, “I hardly think to tarry with my flock through the fitting seasons of another year,” foreshadowing his death at the end of the novel. In Chapter 22, Hester watches Dimmesdale take in the procession. As she watches, she feels “…a dreary influence come over her.” This foreshadows the unhappy ending of the novel.

Mistress Hibbins is also an example of foreshadowing. People view her as a “witch;” therefore they avoid her at all costs. She...

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