What is foreshadowing exactly and how is it portrayed in 1984?I don't really need specific pages just general info please :)

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amymc eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Foreshadowing is providing hints or clues to what will happen later in the novel.  Sometimes these hints are obvious, but other times they are only inferred.  The best time to find examples of foreshadowing would be during your second time reading the novel.  

Here are a few specifics:

Rats - Winston hates rats; they appear in his nightmare, and in reality, in his sanctuary above the prole shop.  Later, rats become the only things that makes Winston betray Julia.

The room above the prole shop is not safe.  The huge picture is just the size of a telescreen.  Julia actually wants to clean behind it.  If she had, they would have discovered they were being watched.

The Chestnut Tree Cafe is a place where old, washed-up people accumulate.  Winston continually thinks of a song his mother sang to him about a spreading chestnut tree.  However, he cannot think of the ending.  Only when he is captured, does he remember the ending, and, ironically, the Chestnut Tree Cafe is exactly where the rehabilitated Winston ends up.