A River Runs Through It

by Norman Maclean

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What foreshadowing did the author give about Paul in A River Runs Through It?

Expert Answers

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After Norman and Paul take Neal, Norman's brother-in-law, fishing, Norman stays at Paul's house for the night. Paul leaves, and then Norman receives a call from the police station that Paul has been arrested for starting a brawl in a bar. The police officer tells Norman that Paul has been drinking too much, and Norman finds Paul, drunk, in the jail. Norman learns that Paul is racking up gambling debts and that Paul likely started the brawl when someone insulted his girlfriend, who is part Native American. Norman also found Paul a few days before at a bar when Norman went to tell him about the proposed fishing trip with Neal. Norman does not know how to help his brother, however, when he hears about Paul's drinking and gambling. This episode is a foreshadowing of Paul's eventual death, when he is found beaten up in an alley, perhaps because he had a lot of gambling debts.

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