What forces impacted Michael Jackson's life from the viewpoint of developmental psychology?  

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mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Many forces impacted Michael Jackson's life and changed the course of his development.  First of all, his father understood that in the musical group, Michael was the star, the money maker who would make the family's fortune.  Therefore, Michael was not allowed a normal childhood and the nurturing he needed was not provided by a stern father.  Michael was treated very poorly by his father which affected his self image.  At a very young age, he was a black entertainer with an afro hair cut.  As he grew older, Michael's look changed dramatically with both his skin disorder and the plastic surgery which made him look more like his mother.  Other people were his support system such as Elizabeth Taylor who understood the difficulties of being a child star.  Michael was also under constant pressure by the family and himself to be the best, to allow no one to surpass him.  His black heritage was pressure enough to be the best, to prove that a black man could remain atop the pop or white musical charts, but Michael himself was a perfectionist who could not rest until perfection was achieved.  As a person who watched a cute little boy with remarkable talent grow up in the public eye and become such a tormented man was truly a sad story.  Michael's developmental growth was arrested at too young an age to be the man he could have been. 

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