What forces combined to produce a dramatic economic growth in the United States in the 1820 -1840s?

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There were a number of factors that combined to produce this dramatic economic expansion.  Let us look at the two most important factors:

  • Technological changes.  During this time, there were some important advances in technology.  This was the time when steamboats were being introduced to American waterways and when the first railroads were appearing.  It was a time when the first major factories were being built.  These were textile factories using technologies new to the United States.
  • Changes in infrastructure.   During this time, the American transportation infrastructure boomed.  This was the time of the building of the Erie Canal.  With the canals, the steamboats, and the first railroads, it came to be possible to move goods relatively easily from place to place within the country.

The technology and the infrastructure allowed Americans to make more things and to trade them more widely within the country.  These factors were the main contributors to the economic expansion of the time.

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