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What is a food web? Biology

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A food web is an interrelated group of food chains, which show the connections that can be made between organisms in a particular ecosystem. A basic food chain contains a producer, or green plant, a plant eater or primary consumer, a meat eater or secondary consumer, and some decomposers that operate at each level. However, a food chain is very linear and as you go from one trophic level to the next, there is only one choice of what each organism eats. In natural settings, there are usually more than one choice of what a consumer eats. Therefore, if for example, a hawk cannot find a snake to eat, it can get a rabbit instead. Thus, it is feeding from another food chain operating in that same ecosystem. A food web shows the connections that can be made across several food chains and illlustrates that for most organisms, there is more than one choice of food. This increases the organism's chances of survival. The article below contains a great example of a food web.

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