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Food stamps are a means by which the government helps low and no income people buy food so that they can meet their nutritional requirements. The food stamps program is run by state or local agencies for the federal government.

To apply for food stamps a person has to fulfill some conditions. They must have a social security number and be citizens of the US or qualified aliens. The food stamps program makes it necessary for the person applying to show that an attempt was made to seek employment. A person could also be told to join a training program that would make it possible to live without seeking aid from the government.

The food stamp program is essentially meant for those who do not have enough financial resources to even buy food for themselves. This places some restrictions on the value of the assets with the person applying for food stamps. Those that meet the required conditions to get food stamps can approach the Social Security office, where the relevant documents have to submit and information provided to the representative that will determine the amount for which the food stamps can be issued.

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