What is folk art?What is folk art?

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epic-art-time eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Folk Art is about decoration, whereas Fine Art is associated with the “Art for Art’s sake” concept.  Folk artists beautify objects that are important to a culture, making these objects even more significant.  These artists add decoration to everything from vessels and hairbrushes to architecture and dining room tables.  The purpose of folk art is always decorative.  Fine Art serves a purpose other than decoration.  Fine Artists are intrinsically motivated to make work separate from purpose.

arrellbelle | Student

Folk art is different from fine art, where fine art encompasses the elements and principles of art, folk art completely disregards that fact and relies entirely upon its own unique style. Folk art was created by a group of indigenous people, or people who work in the art of trade.

alyisadragon | Student

folk art encompasses art produced from an indigenous culture or by peasants or other laboring tradespeople. In contrast to fine art, folk art is primarily utilitarian and decorative rather than purely aesthetic

giorgiana1976 | Student

The folk art represent the popular art of a nation and it does not respect the professional requirements of fine arts.The folk art reflects the aesthetic values of a culture.

The products of folk art are mostly decorative and useful and the basic materials used to fabricate these products are mostly natural: clay,wood,paper,metal.

The artists who already create folk art products pass their techniques to the followers through apprenticeships, but this is not a strictly rule. Anyone who love folk art can become self-educated and he/she can develop some useful skills to create beautiful products.


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