What flower is Nadine compared to throughout the book?

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I can't find anything about Nadine being compared to a flower. In Bailey's Cafe, several women do have a connection and comparison to a specific flower, especially the women staying at Eve's boarding house. Esther wants men to bring her white roses, Mary chooses daffodils, and Jesse asks for dandelions, and even Sadie, the only woman in this list not staying at Eve's boarding house, has a deep connection to her red geraniums. These choices reflect the women themselves. For instance, Jesse is much like Bailey in the sense that “Like [him], she calls ‘em as she sees ‘em, if it wins her friends or not." She comes from a place where the men are tough and the women are tougher still, and her struggles in life have only served to make her even stronger. Dandelions are a weed, one that Eve would always pull out from her garden until Jesse requested them. Just like Jesse, dandelions will keep coming up no matter how often you try to stamp them down. Eve's daffodils are expensive and hard to come by, so if a man buys them for Mary it is a sign her knows how valuable she is and holds her in high regard. These are the kinds of comparisons that are made in the story.