What are the flaws in Mahabharata

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Nearly every main character in Mahabharata is flawed. This might be deliberate, given how the work illuminates the challenges of living in this particular yuga, the Hindu designation for the age in which people live. The flaws of the characters are meant to show how we, the readers, should avoid such qualities and seek immediate refuge under the divine guidance of Lord Krishna.

Mahabharata shows characters capable of great feats, but undermined by specific character flaws. Dhritarashta, the Kaurava monarch, is a skilled warrior and a very wise king. His flaw is his excessive love for his sons. He forgives all of their transgressions and refuses to be a parent when they need redirection. The king is both physically and emotionally blind when it comes to his sons, specifically Duryodhana. His flaw of failing to speak out against adharma, that which is contrary to the restorative spirit of the universe, is one of his defining characteristics.

Duryodhana's flaw is his vengeance towards the...

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