What flaw does Ulysses show while leaving the island after blinding the Cyclops?

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Ulysses (known as Odysseus in Greek literature and Ulysses in Roman literature) was a brave, valiant, and cunning warrior. However, he--along with all humans--possessed character flaws. Specifically, Ulysses struggled with the vice of pride. Ulysses used trickery to blind and escape from Polyphemus, but he regretted that the cyclops did not know the true name of the man who had bested him (Ulysses had previously told the cyclops his name was "Nobody"). Thus--once safely aboard his ship--Ulysses wanted to reveal his true name to Polyphemus. His men protested and tried to stop him, but Ulysses gave into his pride and shouted his name to Polyphemus. Unfortunately for Ulysses, Polyphemus told his father--the sea god Poseidon (Neptune in Roman literature) what Ulysses had done to him, and the sea god exacted revenge.

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