What five words could be used to describe each of the main characters?

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Five words is not a lot to describe the extremely complex characters of Shakespeare's Macbeth, but here is a longer list of adjectives for each of the main characters. I think that a lot of these descriptor words are up to interpretation, so they depend on the individual reader's opinions. For instance, a character like Banquo, although he shows up often, does not have a strong personality. Some variations of descriptive words for characters might be: 

Macbeth- contemplative, selfish, cruel, weak, hesitant, haunted, zealous, tyrant, desirous

Lady Macbeth- manipulative, persuasive, ambitious, strong, ruthless, sensual, grotesque, liar, dominant, action-oriented, mad, powerful, willful, aggressive, purposeful, passionate

Duncan- fair, respected, naive, trusting, happy, jolly, jovial, optimistic, meek, moral, terrible judge of character 

Banquo- brave, loyal, diplomatic, virtuous, friendly, insightful, astute, shrewd

Macduff- emotional, courageous, strong-willed, righteous, justice-oriented, focused, deliberate, heroic, responsive, intuitive

Malcolm- naive (at first), dignified, honest, suspicious, clever, brave, flexible, open-minded

The three witches/weird sisters (as well as Hecate and all the other apparitions that show up)- evil, creepy, spooky, eerie, loud, troublemaking, prophetic

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I would describe Macbeth and Lady Macbeth as ambitious.  I would describe Macbeth as ruthless, and Lady Macbeth as sensitive.  I would describe Malcolm as intelligent and honorable.  I would describe the witches as manipulative and cruel.  Finally, Banquo is timid.

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King duncan kind, lovable, nice, good ruler.Macbeth brave, ambitious, violent,power hungery, rude in the later.Lady macbeth ambitious, good in manipulating and pursuing her husband , sort of intelligent and clever in the act of mudering the king when they were making plannings.banquo timid,coward.Witches evil sisters