What are five talking points from chapter 10 to chapter 18?

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This portion of the novel (“The Games”) treats the actual hunting game, the strategies, the partnerships, the Capitol’s way of following the Games.  One approach to discussion might be the kinds of alliances that are forming – the 1s and 2s that have formed a hunting team, vs. Rue’s and Katniss’s “friendship”, vs. the growing attachment of Peeta and Katniss.  Another talking point route could be the fascination of the Capitol’s involvement, from watching the events to the recap of deaths at the day’s close, to the betting and sponsorship support of favorites.  A third interest could be the priorities – water, food, weapons --and the range of weaponry, from spears, knives, and bows to wit, cunning, understanding human psychology, and experience with Nature.  Another distinct contrast in these chapters is how the players spend their resting hours – up in trees or on the ground. Finally, how Katniss makes use of her previous hunting experiences to survive.

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