What are five secrets that Will knows about the other characters in Cold Sassy Tree?

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Five secrets that Will knows about the other characters in Cold Sassy Tree:

1)Will Tweedy's grandfather, Grandpa Rucker Blakeslee, announces shattering news to his daughters, Mary Willis and Loma, three weeks after his wife dies. He is going to marry a woman named Miss Love Simpson. Unknown to everyone, Will discovers that his grandfather's marriage is initially a marriage of convenience: he and his new wife sleep in separate rooms. He marries her because it is cheaper than hiring a housekeeper, and she marries him for security.

2)Will discovers that the reason his grandfather wants to start a new church is because he is actually furious at the townspeople for their ill treatment and malicious gossip about his new wife, Love Simpson.

3)Will overhears his grandfather tell Miss Love Simpson that he was attracted to her even before his wife, Mattie Lou, passed away. Rucker tells Love that he stayed away from having intercourse with Mattie Lou because the doctor warned Rucker that having another child after Mattie Lou's illness would kill her. Will overhears his grandfather trying to kiss Miss Love and telling Miss Love that he wants to make their marriage real. Will also overhears that his grandfather felt guilty for lusting after another woman while his wife was still alive.

4)Will overhears Miss Love telling Rucker that her own father raped her when she was twelve; this is her terrible secret. She tells Rucker that if she had known he wanted her for a real wife, she would have declined his offer of marriage. Will realizes this is why Miss Love is not too keen on consummating her marriage to Rucker. She thinks that she is not good enough to be a real wife to Rucker. After all, Miss Love tells Will's grandfather, she was once jilted by a man named Clayton McCallister because of this terrible secret of hers. Rucker reassures her that he does not hold the rape against her, but Miss Love rejects his romantic overtures.

5)After his grandfather dies, Will is the only one who knows that Miss Love is pregnant with Rucker's baby. The novel does not relate to us how Rucker's daughters and family will react to the news that the estate will be divided into four and not three.

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