What are five rules to survive and five rules to thrive in Bud, Not Buddy?

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Bud creates a list of rules that he lives by, which helps him survive and thrive in life. The following five rules help Bud survive in the world on his own:

  • Rule #3 helps Bud avoid getting into trouble for lying. Rule #3 is "If You Got to Tell a Lie Make Sure It's Simple and Easy to Remember."
  • Rule #87 helps Bud avoid being "tricked" and reminds him that adults typically have ulterior motives when they ask for help. Rules #87 is "When a Adult Tells You They Need Your Help With a Problem Get Ready to Be Tricked—Most Times This Means They Just Want You to Go Fetch Something for Them."
  • Rule #29 helps Bud survive by giving himself additional time to plan his next move before he wakes up in front of adults. Rule #29 is "When You Wake Up and Don't Know for Sure Where You're. At end There's a Bunch of people Standing Around You. It's Best to pretend You're Still Asleep, Until You Can Figure Out What's Going On and What You Should Do."
  • Rule #8 gives Bud an opportunity to run away from adults before he...

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