What are five quotes from the book Rumble Fish?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You do not indicate whether the quotes need to address a particular character or theme.  The following quotes describe a central character, Motorcycle Boy, and the theme suggested by the title, Rumble Fish.

"Motorcycle Boy...didn't belong - anywhere - and what was worse, he didn't want to" (Chapter 8).

Rusty-James's father describes Motorcycle Boy, saying,

"...every now and then a person comes along who has a different view of the world than does the usual person.  Notice I said 'usual', not 'normal".  That does not make him crazy.  An acute perception does not make you crazy.  However, sometimes it drives you crazy" (Chapter 11).

He goes on to explain that Motorcycle Boy

"...is merely miscast in a play.  He would have made a perfect knight in a different century, or a very good pagan prince in a time of heroes.  He was born in the wrong era, on the wrong side of the river, with the ability to do anything and finding nothing he wants to do" (Chapter 11).

Motorcycle Boy is fascinated by

"Rumble fish...they'd kill each other if they could...if you leaned a mirror against the bowl they'd kill themselves fighting their own reflection" (Chapter 10).

The rumble fish represent the boys, trapped in an environment of poverty and hopelessness.  Motorcycle Boy tries to free the fish to see if they would do better in the river, a more wholesome environment, but he falls short of his goal:

"...when they turned him over...he was smiling, and the little rumble fish were flipping and dying around him, still too far from the river" (Chapter 11).