Rumble Fish Questions and Answers
by S. E. Hinton

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What are five quotes from the book Rumble Fish?

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I tend to prefer picking quotes that help illustrate a character or a theme. The following quotes all help show readers that Rusty is a character that appears to be quite tough; however, he does have fears. One such fear for Rusty is the fear of being alone. Readers are clued into this fear very early on in the book as chapter one gives us two solid quotes that address this particular fear.

Like I said. My memory's screwed up some. If somebody says something to remind, I can remember things. But if I'm left alone I don't seem to be able to.

This is a scary quote because it shows that Rusty is suffering from some kind of memory disorder. Being a Hinton book, readers could suspect that Rusty's memory problems are the result of some violent head trauma. The memory issue is a sign and symptom of multiple concussions. Rusty is aware of being forgetful. That happens to everybody, but Rusty's situation is more severe, and he knows that it is triggered more often when he is alone.

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