What are five movies that revolve around the central theme of truth, lies, or deception (as seen in Macbeth)?The films be a rating of G, PG, or PG-13 only.

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literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many movies which have similar themes as William Shakespeare's Macbeth. The themes in question (truth, lies, and deception) are very common in all genres of movies and literature alkie.

Themes of truth/lying: (given each are a mirror of the other)

1. Liar Liar: This 1997 release is a story about a man who is forced to tell the truth beased upon a birthday wish made by his son. His son is tired of hearing lies and wishes that, for 24 hours, his father cannot tell a lie. The movie is rated PG-13.

2. Soul Surfer: This 2011 movie is about the trials a young girl went through after getting attacked by a shark while surfing. The movie depicts the truth behind overcoming loss and finding the strength to go on. The movie is rated PG.

Themes of deception/lying:

1. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days: To people come together to see if they can ruin a relationship within 10 days of meeting. The movie is rated PG-13.

amandablohm | Student

Any movie list depends on its intended audience, but if I were studying deception as a central theme, I would view the following five films:

1. The Crucible - PG-13. This film depicts Arthur Miller's play of the same name about the role one lie can have in creating hysteria. It also speaks to how regular people accept lies and the snowball effect that can create. It would also go well with studying the Communism hysteria of the 1950's in which citizens were regularly accused of being involved with the Communist party with little proof upon which to base accusations.

2. Hitch - PG-13. The film has a story that revolves around a man taking lessons in smoothness to acquire a high-profile mate and in the end he learns that who he was from the beginning was just fine and he did not have to pretend to be someone else. A safer choice with the same story line and message would be My Fair Lady, but a lot of students have a hard time making it through the musical nature of the film.

3. The Lion King- G. A young lion flees his homeland because he thinks that he is responsible for his father's death. When the truth is revealed he returns to help protect his pride from his uncle who has run the lion nation into the ground.

4. The Invention of Lying- PG-13. This movie can instigate powerful questions such as, "Who was the first person to ever tell a lie? Why did they do that? Did those people believe him? How did everyone start to find out? Could this happen today?" The movie is centered around a society that always tells the truth. One day a man makes up a lovely after-death scenario that is overheard by the hospital staff and catches on like wildfire.

5. Ferris Bueller's Day Off - PG-13. This movie is older, but revolves around a high school boy who never tells the truth, but is somehow so endearing that everyone protects his dishonesty in such a way that he never has to pay consequences for his lies.