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What are five of the most common causes of problems in human relations?

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In business (since this question is listed under business as a major topic), human relations or human resource management is a key element of success. No matter how good a business idea or plan, successful execution comes down to people. Some of the most significant problem areas are:

  • Recruitment: How can you attract the best people to your workforce? As well as salary, what other factors make your company attractive?
  • Training: What sort of training will employees need? How can you motivate them to keep current in quickly changing fields? 
  • Conflict Resolution: How can conflicts be handled in a manner that will not have a negative impact on performance or morale?
  • Retention: Given the high cost and loss of productivity associated with employee turnover, how can you retain employees and keep them motivated?
  • Diversity/Discrimination: How can you build a diverse workforce and avoid discriminating against minority groups? 
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The concept of Human Relations is generally defined as the capacity to interact and work well with other people. It looks at social dynamics at both the individual and group level and tackles how they can complement each other to work effectively. There are numerous problems and challenges when it comes to conflicts within human relations, which factor in a range of dynamics and individual criteria. However some major issues which are common to most situations are: 

  1. Self esteem
  2. Mutual respect
  3. Group Dynamics
  4. Communication skills
  5. Motivation 

Most problems that may occur can be traced back to the lack of any one or a combination of the above skills or positive situation. 

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