What are five main events in "The Most Dangerous Game?"

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I agree with most of the other answer posted, with one obvious difference.

1. Rainsford falls off the yacht and swims to shore.

2. Rainsford meets Zaroff and finds out that he will be tomorrow's headline event (he'll be hunted!)

3. Rainsford is hunted over the span of a day or two.

4. Rainsford chooses to leap off the cliff (I consider this the climax, but there is much disagreement on this issue.)

5. Rainsford confronts and kills Zaroff.

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I disagree that those are the 5 major events because your major events must establish your conflict as well as provide support to its development.  Also, a major event must include the climax of the story and represent how the character changed as a result.

That said the 5 major events would be as follows:

Rainsford and Whitney have a discussion about hunting.  The perspective of the hunter and the hunted. This is our first conflict man vs. self.  Right or wrong to hunt for sport.

Rainsford falls overboard in the darkness of night.  Man vs Nature.


Rainsford discovers the "palital chateau" of General Zaroff and is welcomed as a celebrated hunter.

Rainsford discovers the "new game" that General Zaroff has invented and chooses not to participate in the hunt.

Rainsford becomes the hunted rather than the hunter and understands the true meaning of fear.

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1) Rainford swim to shiptrap island after falling off the yaacht.

2) Rainford hunted by zaroff.

3) Rainford jump over the cliff to escape from zaroff.

4) Rainford is humted over the the spam of a day or two.

5) Rainfrod was hides in zaroff's room.