What are five geographical characteristics of the biome Cerrado?What are five geographical characteristics of the biome Cerrado (tropical savanna in Brazil)?

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jgeertz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The cerrado, Portuguese for "dense, closed," biome is located mainly in Central Brazil and consists of woody savannas that include dense forests with trees reaching up to twenty meters high and almost treeless grasslands. It has a high degree of biodiversity, approximately 160,000 plant, animal, and fungi species, and is consideredhighly threatened due to human encroachment.

Five geographical features of the cerrado biome include:

1. largest savannah region in South America

2. forms a corridor between the largest biomes in South America (perimeter includes Amazonian forest to the northwest; Caatinga to the east; coastal forest to the southeast; and Chaco to the southwest).

3. climate is tropical seasonal with annual rainfall between 800-2000 mm/ average annual temperature between 20-26 degrees C.

4. situated on plateaus of crystalline/sedimentary blocks interspersed with depressions.

5. evolved from dry forests that experience cyclical fires.

6. most soil consists of oxisols from silicate and carbonate rocks.