What are five general demographic questions that I could ask on a survey for the following scenario?The scenario is: Mollycoddle Hair and Spa, based in Antigo WI, is opening a new store further south in Green Bay. Mollycoddle is the only Hair and Spa place in the area and is quite successful, but looking to expand and maybe even franchise their business. Please give me five ideas for general demographic questions that I could use on my survey.

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Funny... my wife grew up about 20 miles from Green Bay...

Now, I am not sure who you are asking the survey of.  Are you asking it about the town or area that you are thinking of moving into?

If so, I think you would need to know what the demographics of your core customers are and then try to find out what towns in the area are a good match.

I would think that the most likely demographic stats needed would be:

  • Age -- do a certain age of ladies patronize your shops more than others?
  • Ethnicity.  Same thing.
  • Income.  Presumably you need to match the income levels of the towns with those of your customers.
  • Education levels


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