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In A Separate Peace, what are five examples of how weather conditions create a mood?

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Mood references the feelings, the emotions, that a text evokes in readers. We use adjectives such as cheerful, chaotic, and pessimistic to describe the feel of the passage. Weather often affects not only the characters' but also the readers' emotions. Weather can impact the mood of a story.

In A Separate Peace, Knowles incorporates weather descriptions into his plot from the first few pages. In chapter one, the weather is rainy, foggy, and windy. This creates a chaotic, uncertain mood. For example, Knowles writes:

There were several trees bleakly reaching into the fog (ch. 1).

This fog impairs Gene's vision. Just like the fog blocks Gene's sight, it reminds readers that they don't know what is going to happen next. Yet, the cold and damp weather leaves us suspecting that whatever is coming may not be very cheerful.

Later, in chapter 7, snow falls.

. . . snow came. It came theatrically, late one afternoon; I looked up from my desk and saw that suddenly there were big flakes twirling down into...

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