What are five events that happen in chapter 15 in the book Adam of The road?

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After observing a robbery and reporting it to the bailiff, Adam recovers his harp and attains the gratitude of Daun Williams in Chapter 14. Then, in Chapter 15, "St. Giles Fair," Adams rides with Daun to Winchester, and they feel warmly toward one another:

The first day after the robbery and the rescue they glowed with affection for each other.

Here are several of the events that occur in this chapter:

  1. On the second day of their journey, they travel down the valley of the Itchen River where they encounter crowds of people on their way to the Fair.
  2. After they arrive in Winchester, Daun Williams goes to the largest inn on Cheap Street; however, it is so crowded that Daun must sleep with two other gentlemen, and there is no room for Adam.  Daun instructs Adam to go to Stranger's Hall at the St Swithin's monastery.
  3. There Adam meets a sailor who invites him to sleep near him on his cloak. Adam asks if anyone has seen his father, Roger the Minstrel, but the sailor tells him to go to the St. Giles Fair the next day because that is where the minstrels will be.
  4. The next morning the pilgrims at St. Swithin's Hall go to the shrine of the cathedral, and from there they walk to the prior's lodging for food and alms.
  5. Adams returns to Cheap Street, and from there he sets out for Giles Hall and the Fair.
  6. At the Fair every trade has its own street; so, Adam searches for his father, talking to everyone he can. He speaks with a palmer; when the palmer claims to have received the miracle of regaining the use of a lame leg, Adams asks him about how to procure a miracle. The palmer tells him to return to the cathedral.
  7. Adam returns to the cathedral and prays.

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