Briefly, what are five conflicts that occur from chapters 1 to 15 of Huckleberry Finn?

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Like most novels, Huck Finn has conflicts that don't just occur in one spot in the book.  Instead, the same conflict, such as Huck vs. society, shows up over and over throughout during different circumstances.  That being said, here are some conflicts that show up in the first 15 chapters:

Huck vs. the Widow and Miss Watson about being civilized - these two women try to teach Huck manners, religion, and academics as befitting their society, but Huck for the most part is not interested at all.  

Huck vs. Pap - Huck's father shows up on the scene and berates and abuses him for going to school and getting an education.  He also tries to get Huck's money from him. He also kidnaps Huck and abuses him until Huck makes his creative getaway

Pap vs. society - Pap is the town drunk who wants to blame everyone else for his problems.  When given the opportunity to turn his life around, he rejects it and goes and gets drunk again. 

Huck vs. Jim - Several incidents take place between Huck in Jim where Huck struggles because he begins to see Jim as a human being, but he has been taught his whole life that Jim is a slave and therefore not human.  This struggle continues throughout the novel.

Huck vs. his conscience - Huck struggles with whether or not to help Jim.  He feels its wrong to turn him in, but feels its wrong to help him.  This conflict also continues throughout the novel.

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