What are the first two dangers the narrator faces in "The Pit and the Pendulum"?  

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After his trial, the narrator first finds himself imprisoned in total darkness inside a small cell. "The blackness of eternal night encompassed me." Being confined is, itself, frightening for the narrator--"[T]he atmosphere was intolerably close,"-- but his terror is increased when, having moved along the damp walls in order to determine the size of his cell, the narrator secondly discovers that there is a hole in the floor. 

After the narrator trips over a remnant of cloth that he has used to mark the beginning of his walk around his cell, he discovers a startling circumstance: While his chin lies on the floor of the cell, his

...lips, and the upper portion of my head, although seemingly at a less elevation than the chin, touched nothing.

At the same time, the prisoner feels a "clammy vapor" on his forehead and he smells "decayed fungus." When he puts out his arm, he discovers that he has fallen at the very edge of a circular pit. Breaking off a small fragment of masonry just below the margin of the hole, the prisoner drops it into the pit only to realize that it is a deep pit filled with water. When there is a rapid opening and closing of an overhead door, the narrator "saw clearly the doom which had been prepared for me." He congratulates himself on escaping this deadly accident by his timely fall.

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The first two dangers faced by the narrator of this story would be the pit and the pendulum, so the story is aptly named.

When he first wakes up in his pitch black cell, he starts trying to measure its size by trailing his hands along the wall and measuring by pace. This in and of itself is not the dangerous part; it is when the narrator paces more into the center of the room, trying to figure things out, that he comes close to losing his life. He trips and falls, and he realizes that his head is not touching anything, meaning that he tripped close enough to the pit that his head dangled over the edge.

The next danger is after he is drugged by his food and he wakes up tied down to the floor, and he can see the pendulum slowly descending as it swings back and forth. Luckily, he is clever, and he spreads what is left of his food onto the ropes holding him down, which baits the rats into chewing through the ropes and setting him free just before the pendulum reaches him.

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