Call It Courage Questions and Answers
by Armstrong Sperry

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What are the first things Mafatu does when he awakes and sits up in "Call It Courage"?

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When Mafatu first "stir(s) and open(s) his eyes" after landing on the Island, he notices as he "pull(s) himself to a sitting position" that he "is giddy with thirst and...his right leg (is) swollen and painful".  He remembers that he "had banged (his leg) against the coral when the canoe struck (and) discover(s) a gash on his calf".  He makes a mental note to take care of his wound, "for coral wounds (are) poisonous".  He next addresses his "stabbing need of water", and drinks from a nearby pool to alleviate his thirst.

Once his immediate needs are met, Mafatu sits back and begins to think.  He knows that he must soon find food, and notices some coconut trees that he will climb to secure some rich green fruit when he is stronger.  He also makes plans to build a fire and a sturdy shelter, and resolves to later search the island thoroughly to see if it is inhabited (Chapter 3).

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