What is the first thing Rakesh does when he sees his excellent exam results?


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The first thing Rakesh does when he sees his excellent exam results is to bow down before his father and touch the old man's feet reverentially.

By all appearances, Rakesh is a filial son. The surrounding community is in awe that such a son still exists in the modern age. In due time, after Rakesh finishes his medical studies and a brief medical internship in the United States, he comes before his father and performs the same act of obeisance.

Rakesh even marries a girl of his mother's choosing. As time progresses, Rakesh's fame as a surgeon grows, and he becomes the richest doctor in town.

All is well for many years until the old man's retirement from the kerosene dealer's depot. Thereafter, a conflict arises between father and son that destroys the customary civility in the home.

The story ends on a sad note: no longer the master of his home, the old man finds that he must live under the tyrannical authority of an overly devoted, dogmatic son.

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Rakesh is a very gifted student, and his academic achievements are the pride of his family. He finishes top in the national examinations, making him the best student in the whole country. After seeing the exam results in the national paper, Rakesh brings the good news to his father, Varma, but not before bowing down in reverence before him.

This is Rakesh's way of showing that, despite his huge success, he hasn't changed; he's still the same devoted son as he always was. He has every right to be proud of his achievements, but he won't let them go to his head. His posture of submission before his father is an indication that, whatever the future may hold, he intends to remain humble and not to forget the loyalty he still owes to his family.

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