What is the first thing Annemarie had to try to do after returning to her uncle's house in Number the Stars?  

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When Annemarie got home from her uncle’s house she milked the cow.

Annemarie made a special delivery from her mother to her uncle, but she got stopped.  The soldier thought that it was just a handkerchief, called her a stupid girl, and said women in his country had better things to do.

When Annemarie got home, she could not ignore the bellowing of poor Blossom.  She had found a note from her mother saying she had gone to the hospital.  Annemarie is not used to milking the cow.

But the nose from Blossom, forgotten, unmilked, uncomfortable, in the barn, had sent Annemarie warily out with the milking bucket.  She had done her best, trying to ignore Blossom’s irritated snorts and tossing head … and she had milked. (ch 16, p. 121)

The incident with the soldier and the cow show Annemarie’s strength of character and bravery.  Even when she is not sure what to do, she tries to do something.  For a young girl, she is remarkably adept at maneuvering her way around the adult world, even when she does not completely understand it.  Time and time again, she proves herself trustworthy and mature, and able to handle things.

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