What is the first problem the villagers have to worry about after their first winter without Kimki in "Island of the Blue Dolphins"?

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The villagers did not actually spend another winter on their island after the departure of Kimki.  Kimki left in early spring, after pondering about his decision throughout the previous winter.  After he left, the first concern of the villagers was a lack of water, since there had been "few storms that winter and rain was light and ended early...many were afraid that (they) would die of thirst".  There was another fear that soon overshadowed that concern, however.  The villagers were worried that the Aleuts would return in their ships as they did the year before.

As it turned out, the Aleuts did not return, but a schooner carrying white men with a message from Kimki did arrive on the island instead.  According to the men, Kimki had asked them to bring the islanders to a place he had found and prepared for them.  The trusting villagers went with the men in the large vessel, but Karana's brother was late getting to the boat, and jumped overboard so he would not be left alone.  Both children were left behind.

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