What is the ultimate fate of Firs at the end of The Cherry Orchard?

Expert Answers
accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Arguably Firs is the character that suffers the most tragic ending out of all of the characters in this excellent play. Let us remember that Firs is presented as a faithful servant to the Ranevsky family, so faithful in fact that even after the emancipation of the serfs he willingly opts to stay with them and work for them. However, in spite of his loyalty and dedication, at the end of the play, after all the other characters have left the estate to meet their new futures, Firs enters and realises that he has been forgotten and left behind. His lines as he contemplates his fate are incredibly poignant and severely question the purpose of his life:

Life has slipped away as if I haven't lived.

The play ends as he lies down on a sofa, dejected at his fate. He, like the Cherry Orchard itself, has come to represent an outdated anachronism that has no place in the modern Russia, and is left with no future.