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The finsterwallies are the reactions scared people have when they stand on Finsterwald's step or go into his yard. Finsterwald is a reclusive man that by the nature of his lack of social interaction, is thought to be crazy or dangerous. Rumors abound when a person is not socially active. Those with time on their hands can make up some doozies of rumors. As young people do this frequently, the children are convinced that dire happenings will occur if they trespass on his property. A ball that goes over the fence is a dead ball by the rule of the neighborhood's children. Frequently, youngsters dare each other to go into the yard or up to the front door. When the unfortunate victim accepts the dare, fear takes over and gives them the shakes while waiting to be killed by the monster within. Of course, nothing happens, but watching their fear and their physical reactions is humorous to the observers.

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