What is financial openness?explain me with some example.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Financial openness refers to the willingness of a nation to adopt liberalized policies regarding business and commerce.  Financial openness usually includes an overall absence of government regulation to the ownership of the means of production, government encouragement of private financial interests, and a liberal relationship between businesses and its shareholders.  Financial openness is a reflection of how much a participant a member nation is in the "globalized" economy.  Infact, financial openness is probably one of the best markers related to whether or not a nation is a part of the global economy because of its ability to trade and engage in commercial growth with any other nation.  Given the global marketplace, financial openness is a very good indicator of how involved a nation is in it.  The experience of financial openness is contrasted and analyzed in many scholarly articles with governmental expressions of the political good as well as stability and willingness to encourage and develop economic growth.