What is the Final Solution? How was it implemented?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The “Final Solution” was the euphemism that the Nazis used to refer to the genocide that we now call the Holocaust.  They called it this because they said it was the “final solution to the Jewish Question.” The Nazis felt that Jews were subhuman and that their presence was a danger to German society.  Before World War II, they thought about what to do with the Jews.  This was the “Jewish Question.” The final solution that they came up with for this question was to kill all the Jews they could get their hands on.

The Final Solution was most famously implemented through the use of gas chambers that killed large numbers of Jews at once in camps like Auschwitz.  However, this was not the only way that the Final Solution was carried out.  At first, it was carried out (particularly in parts of the Soviet Union conquered by Germany) simply by taking Jews and shooting them.  The Final Solution was also carried out by working and starving Jews to death.  However, it is the gas chambers that are most closely connected in most people’s minds to the Final Solution or Holocaust.

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