What film techniques does Tate Taylor use to portray the real spirit of The Help?

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Director Tate Taylor leverages the dual visual and audio capabilities of the film medium to portray the real spirit of the movie adaption of the book The Help. As in the book, the film is set in the deep south (Mississippi) of the 1960s as the Civil Rights movement is beginning to make its impact on the American scene. To the dismay of her friends, family and boyfriend, Skeeter embarks on a project to interview "the help" who have cared for prominent southern families over the years.

In visual terms, Taylor sets the scene by providing a glimpse into Aibileen's small tidy home. Early on, the movie audience sees Aibileen, played by Viola Davis, in the kitchen washing dishes at the sink. The audience immediately gets the sense of her daily life by seeing the small, neat, but simple kitchen and her domestic, fairly-mundane actions.

The camera pans to two pictures that hang on the wall above her. Their placement there, where she likely spends much of her every day time attending to her mundane...

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