What is Fiji most known for?

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Fiji is comprised of hundreds of islands in the South Pacific, a little over 1,000 miles from New Zealand.  It is known mostly as a destination for tourists, and its economy is reliant on the revenue accumulated from vacationing visitors.  As would be expected of a large series of volcano-formed islands in the South Pacific, there are many beautiful beaches there.  Because Fiji was a British colony until 1970, and because it maintains a close relationship with English-speaking countries like the United States, Australia and New Zealand, it is a popular destination for vacationers from those countries.

Less well-known, and less publicized by the Fijian Government, is the often fractious tribal politics that permeate the archipelego.  Corruption surrounding the lucrative timber industry has lead to fighting and even played a role in a 2006 coup attempt, although ethnic politics also played a large role in that upheaval.