Please give an example of a figure of speech in "The Lady, or the Tiger?"

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Let us recall that a figure of speech is language in which one thing is compared to something that seems to be completely different. A figure of speech is never literally true, but a a good example always suggests a powerful truth to our imaginations by forcing us to see the similarity between two objects that are completely unassociated. Figures of speech can be similes, metaphors or personification.

Thinking about this story, therefore, there are a number of examples of figurative language to identify. My own favourite example to pick is the description of the doors in the arena:

The king and his court were in their places, opposite the twin doors--those fateful portals, so terrible in their similarity.

Note the metaphor in this figure of speech: the doors are compared to "fateful portals," which helps us to see how these normal doors, because of the use to which they are put, become symbols of the destiny of the young lover of the Princess.

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