What is the figurative meaning of the poem Stopping Be Woods On A Snowy Evening written by Robert Frost?

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stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Figurative meaning refers to meaning that is conveyed through the use of figures of speech such as comparisons, analogies, and other symbolic uses of language.

As with most poetry, interpretation of the meaning of the poem is possible on several levels. Literally, the poem features a speaker who has stopped to admire the beauty of snow falling in the woods before continuing on with his journey to complete obligations of some sort. Figuratively, the wintery timing of the poem, the "darkest evening of the year," and the attraction to the "dark and deep" woods could all be references to the speaker's thoughts of approaching death. It would appear this prospect is something the speaker is anticipating with pleasure rather than fear or apprehension, but there is business to be completed before death arrives.

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