A Passage to India Questions and Answers
by E. M. Forster

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What is Fielding's reaction to Aziz after Adela's accusation agaisnt him ?

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Fielding does not believe Aziz is guilty. He thinks he knows Aziz and believes that there is no way he could have sexually assaulted Adela. He defends Aziz against the accusations and when Aziz is arrested and panics, Fielding calms him down and assures him that he will help straighten things out. Fielding continues to defend Aziz, but he is also troubled by inconsistencies in Aziz's story. He becomes frustrated with Aziz's inconsistencies and the way in which he is handling himself - resorting to panic and lack of control. Fielding does not want to take sides, but his sense of justice forces him to defend Aziz against the assumptions of guilt. The British just assume he is guilty without any solid proof except Adela's word. This frustrates Fielding, but he continues to defend Aziz, even though he finds the entire situation unsettling. He even quits the club over the matter.

Fielding visits Professor Godbole to try and make some sense of the events. He asks Godbole if he thinks Aziz is guilty, and is frustrated by the way Godbole reacts, further confusing Fielding with regard to Aziz's behavior as well. He does not relate to either Aziz or Godbole's religious viewpoints, thus he remains frustrated, even though he insists on Aziz's innocence.

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