What are a few ways that A Clockwork Orange connects to sociology?  

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The people in the world of A Clockwork Orange are going through a sociological crisis. Sociology is the study of the development, structure, and functioning of society. The ruling class characters in the story do not know how to respond to the rampant criminality threatening their community. So they try to change it through experimental behavioral science. Let us take a closer look at the way society operates in the novel, and how the ruling class responds to that operation.

At the start of the novel the main character, Alex De Large, is a member of a criminal subculture that preys on victims, both in public and in their homes. It is safe to say that nobody believes this type of behavior is acceptable, but locking away bad people only creates a problem with the prison population and further corrupts the detainees. So what is the alternative? How can sick people be peaceably brought back into society?

According to the scientists in A Clockwork Orange, you can forcibly change behavior...

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