What are a few of the significant events ?   There are so many I am having trouble deciding which are the most significant.  

Expert Answers
stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I'm afraid you are asking this question with a specific story in mind, but you haven't given us the name of the work. This means I can't give you specific events because I don't know what specific story  you need help in analyzing. However, I will try to provide some tips that might help you look at the work and identify the most important events in the story for yourself.

Yes, there will be lots of significant events in the course of a full-length novel or play. The key to identifying the most important ones lies in looking back at the whole story, all of the action that took place, and asking yourself, "What has to be included for the story to exist in this form?" You're trying to find the events that are the basic building blocks - all the rest of the action, all the other events, come as a result of these few beginning points. If you eliminated them from the story, the rest of the book would either make no sense at all or would take a completely different direction.

Give it a try! If this doesn't help and you are still confused about a specific piece of literature, post another question and include the name of the work.