What are a few sentences to connect the terms "Biodiversity", "Habitat Loss", and "Protect"?

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Biodiversity refers to the number of different organisms in a habitat or ecosystem. Habitat loss refers to the cutting down of forests for development of housing projects or for farming. It can refer to burning down trees within a rainforest. When the habitat (place where organisms live) is lost, this affects biodiversity. As song birds migrate during winter months to South America, because of habitat destruction and the loss of trees within the rainforest, there are less songbirds each year. Therefore, biodiversity is decreasing as both the number of plants and animal species decline. As living things lose their homes, if they cannot find a new habitat where they can live and feed, their numbers may dwindle and they may even die off. Biodiversity in that area would then decrease. The term, protect probably refers to the fact that if we don't protect living things and their habitats, biodiversity will suffer. The greater an area's biodiversity is, the healthier that area is. All three of these terms are closely connected.

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