What are a few quotes from Othello that demonstrate Iago being each of these things: persuasive, clever, and evil.

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"I am not what I am" is a quotation from Iago in Act 1 Scene 1 of the play Othello by William Shakespeare, and shows us right from the very start that we should not trust him, or anything he says or does. We are forewarned and forearmed by Shakespeare to be on the lookout for Iago's evil duplicity. This gives the play tension and suspense from the very beginning. Iago then goes on to say that he will wear his heart on his sleeve for daws to peck at. His heart symbolizes his intentions and the fact he does not care what anyone thinks about him - other than how far he can persuade and manipulate them through his own conning behavior. He is a wolf in sheep's clothing and proud of it and his asides and speeches keep us in touch with his real motives of evil.

In Othello , Iago is like the Devil, a sly voice that plays upon fear and weakness.  First, he plays the race card against Othello, but that fails.  Then, he plays the jealousy card against Desdemona and Cassio, and it works like a charm....

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