What are a few historical events of the 1820's that influenced fashion?***1850's

giorgiana1976 | Student

Fashion of 40 and 50 years is characterized by a shift from deux-piece and streamlined materials to a rediscovery of femininity in clothes made by Dior.

Even after the Second World War, uniform  defines the best the style of any everyday civilian. The materials were rationed and wedding dresses were often replaced by the usual tight deux-pieces . Women turned trousers to skirts, were sewing blouses from the bedding and all fashion magazines encouraged them to operate within any resource. In U.S , the golden age film reveals gloves over the elbows, over-sized shoulders , mermaid dress from veil material ,high  heels and  brilliant accessories. 50 years marks a return to femininity through skirts with A letter form  and pencil skirts, , both emphasizing the waist.

The 50s are the beginning for synthetic materials,easy to use and care, such as nylon, polyester and acrylic. After the war, young girls begin to no longer dress like their mothers, the freedom they sought in pop music,little rigid and colorful clothes will soon define the lifestyle of young people who begin to distinguish increasingly than previous generations.

mkcapen1 | Student

Fashion for women in the 1850' continued with styles similar to those of the 1840's.  Women wore large hoop skirts, but the crinoline gave the skirt a dome shape.  Sleeves were flounced and full and slit on the sides allowing for a white under sleeve to poke out.  Dresses usually had a separate jacket bodice.  Bloomers made their first appearance under dresses.  Shawls were worn over dresses to keep out the night chill or when visiting around town.

Napoleon Bonaparte had an influence on fashion trends in the 18th century.  In an effort to promote fashion in France, he had designers create new styles leading France into the fashion trend setter.  His wife Josephine brought the styles of empire dresses into the Western world.  Long sleeved coats that could be worn indoors or out were added as dresses slimmed down.