The Destructors Questions and Answers
by Graham Greene

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What are a few examples of similes in "The Destructors"?

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The above answer gives most of the similes, but there are a few more, and one of them is arguably the most significant simile in the story.

Blackie realized he had raised his hand like any ordinary member of the gang.

In this context, Blackie, who is the leader of the gang, is acting orderly, not taking charge. This action is uncharacteristic for him. To make this point, Greene says that he is acting like a typical member. The presupposition is that Blackie does not usually raise his hand.

Two were missing—Mike and another boy, whose parents were off to Southend and Brighton in spite of the slow warm drops that had begun to fall and the rumble of thunder in the estuary like the first guns of the old blitz.

In this context, the destruction of the house has begun. To make this point, the destruction is likened to the “first guns of the old blitz.” The blitz, of course, is a reference to the German tactic of bombarding with heavy artillery a region. By bringing this idea into the...

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