What are a few examples of hypocrisy in To Kill a Mockingbird?

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  • The Missionary Circle.  The women of the Missionary Circle seem so concerned about helping the Mruna tribe in Africa, yet they show contempt and hatred for the black people in their own town.
  • Miss Gates & Hitler.  Scout's second grade teacher is quick to condemn Hitler and defend the Jews that he persecutes, but Scout remembers a conversation she overheard on the courthouse steps when Miss Gates voices her dislike for Maycomb's blacks.
  • Aunt Alexandra.  Aunt Alexandra is proud of her family's "gentle breeding" and is bent on showing Scout how to act like a lady, but she refuses to allow Jem and Scout to visit Calpurnia's home (because she's black) or allow Walter Cunningham to play with Scout (because "he is trash!").
  • The Jury Verdict.  Totally disregarding the facts presented, the jury--sworn to uphold justice--brings the guilty verdict against the undoubtedly innocent Tom Robinson.