What are a few of the actions Geoffrey Canada says the government must take to eliminate some of the violence on our streets? Why does he believe in those actions?

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In his book, Canada reiterates that government must position itself in the forefront of the war on violence. He lays out some actions government should take, arguing that these actions are needed to help stem the tide of violence in the United States:

1)Create a Peace Corps.

The creation of a Peace Corps task force will strengthen the integrity of conflict-ridden communities.

Canada proposes that Peace Corp officers will not intrude on the jurisdiction of the police authorities in crime prevention. Instead, Peace Corp officers will act as counselors, mediators, and educators.

2)Stem the violence through drug education in the schools; create employment opportunities for young people.

Canada proposes the inclusion of drug education programs in the curricula of  schools. He also recommends the creation of more employment opportunities for young people in order to discourage participation in illegal activities. Canada suggests that this program be financed with the savings from lowered rates of incarceration and hospitalization.

3)Reduce the prevalence of domestic violence, child abuse and neglect through early intervention solutions.

Canada proposes the creation of a family preservation worker program where licensed practitioners can aid in teaching troubled families new coping skills to address conflict and aggression.

4)Hold the movie, music, and television industries accountable for the violence portrayed in their products.

Violence is a recurrent subject matter in many movies, rap music, and television shows. Canada proposes that the entertainment industry be held accountable for aberrant portrayals of masculinity and power.

5)Reduce and regulate the possession of personal firearms.

Here, Canada argues that all handgun sales should be banned by the government. He proposes that every prospective gun owner be required to pass both written and field tests before being allowed to own a firearm license. Additionally, he believes that gun manufacturers should be required to register each gun they manufacture. This will enable law enforcement to trace the guns used in violent crime straight back to the manufacturers. Canada believes that this will hold gun manufacturers accountable and encourage them to sell their guns only to reputable dealers and responsible citizens.

Moreover, Canada believes that every customer who purchases ammunition should be required to pay for a special coding identification process; this will allow law enforcement to trace every bullet used in a crime to the perpetrator. Additionally, the author also argues that the government should invest billions of dollars in a national gun buy-back program. Although this investment represents an intimidating investment, Canada reasons that we will more than recoup the costs of such an investment through the creation of a safer society.

To summarize, Canada believes that these actions constitute long overdue preventive measures which will stem the importation of violence from the ghettos to the larger, mainstream American society.


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