What is the feminist perspective of "Girl"?

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In Kincaid's "Girl," the narrative perspective is that of a mother giving her daughter life lessons in how to grow up to be a respectable woman.  The lessons include a focus on domestic roles, sexuality, image, and personal identity.  From a feminist perspective, a reader could analyze the implied gender roles that the story suggests throughout the narrative.  Further, a reader could also explore the definitions of respectability that are suggested by the story In the final line of the story, the mother asks her daughter if she will really just turn out to be a woman whom the baker won't let near the bread, implying that only women who are socially respected will be allowed such graces. 

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jamica kincaid suffered a lot during her lif with her own mother so she feels some kind of oppression .the characters are unidentified as an attempet from kincaid to universalize her subject. As many girls face this kind of oppression nearly every day.so the feminist prospective is very clear in this literary word as jamaca wants to defend womenly wrights in her own way of portraing her own life as a littele girl who is oppressed by her own mother as all the orders are for maid not for an independent woman.

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