The Feminine Mystique Questions and Answers
by Betty Friedan

The Feminine Mystique book cover
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What kind of text is The Feminine Mystique? Is it is narrative, argumentative/persuasive, or descriptive?

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I think that much of Friedan's work spans all three styles of writing.  It might make sense that this is the case.  As Friedan is arguing that the socialization process that robs the complexity and uniqueness of women contributes to their unhappiness, the same process can be made from a thinking point of view.  When writing is forced to enter one of three text styles, it might help to remove the sense of uniqueness and distinction that great writing possesses.  Friedan's work contains analysis from a personalized point of view, through reflection and anecdotal thought.  This would help make it fulfill requirements of a descriptive writing piece.  The statistical breakdown and logical analysis helps establish the tone of an expository piece.  While the persuasive element of a manifesto  underscores the entire writing.  This is something that argues the state of women is something that necessitates and requires change, is something out of the persuasive line of thought. In this, Friedan's work occupies central importance in all of these domains, representing the idea that good work can transcend arbitrary distinctions and hold elements of many as it becomes classified as simply "good writing."

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