What is the female sailor's name in "The Swiss Family Robinson"?Like kinda at the end there is a female sailor and I want to know what her name is.

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In the book "Swiss Family Robinson" by Johann David Wyss, the "young sailor" who appears near the end is Emily Montrose. 

On one of his excursions, Fritz comes upon "the dwelling-place of (a) poor shipwrecked girl" on a remote, rocky island.  The girl is Emily Montrose, the daughter of an officer in the British Navy, Sir Edward Montrose.  Emily, who had been born in India, had been sailing to England on a Navy ship when "a terrible tempest arose...the ship was thrown off her course, and a furious wind drove her down upon (a) rocky coast".  Emily survived by boarding a small lifeboat, and "was fortunate enough to escape death (when) the waves carried her, half fainting to the foot of the rock where (Fritz) discovered her".  Having been given a practical education, she was able to build a hut and survive on fish and game that she caught on her own.  Placing "her trust in God", she had survived thus alone for three years.

When Fritz brings Emily to his family, she at first asks that her gender not be revealed, calling herself by her father's name, Edward.  She quickly drops her masquerade upon meeting the Robinsons, and is accepted joyfully into the fold as a sister.  When the British Captain Littleton later lands on the island, Emily learns that her father is still alive, and leaves with Littleton and Fritz and Francis Robinson to resume a new life in Europe (Chapters 58-60).

poopypants | Student

in johann wyss' book her name was Elizabeth

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