What feelings does the second to the last paragraph in chapter 27 generate?

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

During his visit to Pip in London, Joe is very nervous because Pip's station in life has changed as he is now a gentleman.  For the occasion of his visit, Joe has dressed, but he is awkward and does not know where to put his hat or how to treat Pip's servant, the Avenger.  Rather than being compassionate, Pip is impatient with Joe.  So when they are alone, Joe speaks to Pip candidly, telling him that he will not return to London since he is out of place in the city.  He tells Pip,

"Life is made of ever so many partings welded together...Diwisions amongst such must come, and must be met as such,"

meaning that he recognizes that Pip is now is another social class from him.  And, because Joe feels awkward away from the forge, he invites Pip to come to visit him there, where he belongs and where he and Pip can be natural around each other as in the old days.  Certainly, there is a poignancy to Joe's words as he realizes that Pip and he are growing apart.  For, Joe loves Pip as a father and misses him at home on the marshes; in a way, he invites Pip to return to what he has been as a person, too.




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